South Africa’s Youth Unemployment over 65%🎓👨🏾‍🎓🇿🇦

South Africa are facing the highest youth unemployment number in the world. Over 55% of our youth are jobseekers, which exclude the 3 million discouraged workers. If we add in the additional 3 million discouraged youth jobseekers, the youth unemployment can sit easily at 65% or over. Furthermore, in the near future youth unemployment can reach 70% - 80% in no time if the current trend persist. 


There is a clear correlation between the strongest labour laws and the highest youth unemployment in the world. A perfect example of this correlation is South Africa. Our labour laws are by far the most discriminative, apart from tight policies, and it is literary pricing the youth out of work. Moreover, minimum wages which was introduced last year, is currently the nail in the coffin for the increasing unemployment numbers in South Africa.

All these labour laws and government policies sound nice and well, but no one is looking at the side effects of these laws. Nowhere in the world did affirmative action and minimum wages work. Yes, these laws get implemented, but the side effects of these laws are the result of the high unemployment.

Most government policies give the opposite reaction of its intention, but most governments across the world will make excuses like “it needs more time” or “it needs more money”, but no one will come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work. Government must just accept that these policies doesn’t work and admit that the economy must be as free from government policies as possible.

The only LOGIC cure for the high unemployment in South Africa, is to decrease all the unnecessary labour laws, scrap discriminative laws and Zero government intervention in the economy. We will gladly pay for government to do nothing, if necessary!


Reiaan Hobson



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